Spiderman Homecoming: The origin film we deserved


Spiderman homecoming

After multiple failed attempts at origin movies for Spiderman, I did not have high hopes from Spiderman Homecoming. Oh, what the fuck? I won’t lie, I had very high expectations from this movie. In fact this is all I’ve been waiting for ever since I heard “Underoos” for the first time.

Spiderman is one superhero (along with Wolverine) that has been portrayed multiple times on screen and from the first 5 movies, we had already reached the bottom of the well that is Peter Parker’s psyche. We all know the bit-by-a-spider-let-my-uncle-die-bla-bla-bla story of Spiderman. We know that with great power comes great responsibility (*starts yawning*) and all the other boring things that were in the other standalone Spiderman movies.

The very first thing that interests me is the fact that this is not a standalone movie! It is set in the Marvel universe and that alone credits the movie with a better background city of New York. It’s no longer the Oscorp building that defines the city. No, it’s the Avengers base, which from the perspective of a Superhero fanatic is more than enough to stir up excitement and give you goosebumps. We no longer have the grieving and sad Spiderman who just whines about his dead uncle all the time (May God rest his soul, RIP uncle Ben!) and that’s exactly what differentiates this from the previous versions of this character.

This film much truer to the comics portrays Peter Parker as a novice 14 year old neighborhood superhero. The thing that people need to understand is that an origin movie does not necessarily mean how a regular man got his powers. It may also mean how a regular man learned how to use his powers and for a teen superhero to know the responsibilities of being a superhero. As a 21 year old man-child that I am, I have made some pretty nasty messes when I was a teen and who hasn’t? We can’t expect a teenager to be all adult-like just because he got powers, what he needs is a mentor. *Enter Robert Downey Jr.*

The movie sets itself aside from its parent genre by simply showing us the learning curve of a Superhero specifically with a mentor to guide him all the way…

Now let’s set aside my fan fervor for the movie and look at it much more holistically.

“A superhero”: When I hear that word, I picture a role model (with abs and amazing hair like Chris Hemsworth) with unattainable strength or maybe a brain power like none other. What I don’t picture is a neglected teenage superhero with massive problems in life like Attendance, Spanish quizzes and Girls! Tom Holland is the first actor to portray any teen superhero in the Marvel cinematic universe and boy has he aced it. *High five here*

Spiderman Homecoming


It is quite befitting when you see a teenager who’s in peril at the fact that he’s famous (as Spiderman) and yet a nerd (as Peter Parker). He has a crush on a high-school senior, he has nerdy friends who get thrilled at the fact that they get to build a lego Death Star with Darth Vader and all. These are some very minute things that put the aim of this movie into perspective. The movie wasn’t meant to shower us with Spiderman fight scenes, it intended to show us Peter Parker and how his life had taken a turn ever since the Berlin Airport fight. I could not see the badass that Spiderman is but I could definitely feel the goodness in him, the innocence instilled in Peter Parker is what sets this film apart.

Spiderman Homecoming is the origin movie that we all deserved. It’s not your generic superhero movie, it’s about the rite of passage of a teen to become an adult; the web slinging is just a bonus….

-Mehul Kaushik (WckD Reviews)