Winds Of Winter: A satisfying end..

The most satisfying episode EVER !!

So season 6 is finally over. It’s been one hell of a ride. There have been ups and downs. People died, some came back, Kings emerged and then reemerged, alliances were broken and then new ones were forged. And man is the political situation changing in and around Westeros. And to top that all off, we have Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 : Winds Of Winter…

Winds of Winter

Game of thrones has been a show where the 9th episode usually trumps the rest but I guess that David Benioff and D.B.Weiss had something competely different in mind for this time. The 9th episode brought a lot of unexpected stuff to the table but this time, so has the season Finale. Well, it wasn’t as big as the Jon-Snow-is-dead-smack-in-the-face but still this episode has made sure that the next season will be even better.

A few episodes before this one, Cersei was told about the Mad King and how he was going to burn everyone and everything. None of us ever thought that this is how she would use the wildfire but come on, this is Cersei we are talking about… Another prophecy fulfilled, all her children are dead. The death of Tommen, unlike his elder brother was pretty anticlimatic.

Winds of Winter

But even after all that there’s this scene that feels so good. I just want to set this on loop.

Shame! Shame!

Winds of Winter

It took Sam a complete season but he’s finally reached his destination. Not much on this front but I’m thinking that Sam is somehow going to find some very useful information that’ll play a major role in the upcoming seasons.

Winds of Winter

Jon sent Melisendra away for what she did. He did the right thing but I personally want to see more of her.

Then there are these very complex and very awkward scenes:

There’s this awkward meeting between the Martel and the Tyrell. As I said earlier, alliances are being formed.

Winds of Winter

On Tyrion’s council, Danaerys has to leave Daario Naharis behind. The scene wasn’t as emotional as it could’ve been but it was revealed within minutes that it was never meant to be. Apparantly, The Mother of Dragons didn’t feel anything when she said her goodbyes. Grow up, there are bigger things waiting for you on the other side!!

Winds of Winter

Then, there’s Tyrion who has successfully failedĀ in consoling Danaerys. But none the other, he’s back as the Hand of The Queen (Another very fulfilling scene).

Winds of Winter

I thought and probably so did you that this was all the good things that could happen in a day. Bam ! I’m wrong again. This episode hasn’t been this good because of the deaths of characters or secrets being unveiled or the political scenario completely changing. NO! this episode has been this good because of the number of satisfying scenes the episode has.

Now that I’m on that topic, Arya’s back home and no she didn’t go to meet her brother(Well, half-brother)[*SPOILER* Cousin], infact she went to the Riverrun and took her revenge. Whew! One name crossed off from the list. Yay!

Winds of Winter

It’s usually Tyrion’s dialogues that are the epitome of an episode but not today. The most remembrable dialogue today has been a simple:

Promise me, Ned…

If Robert finds out, he’ll kill him. You have to protect him. Promise me Ned, Promise me.

Winds of Winter

Yes, it has been confirmed!!

R + L = J

Winds of Winter

And with the help of the little-bitchy-Mormont (Who has been a great character this season BTW), he has finally been named KING IN THE NORTH.

Always remember, Lyanna Mormont speaks “Harshly but Truly” *emphasis on Harshly*

(Petyr Baelish isn’t happy, let’s see how he retaliates next season)

You may think that this was all the satisfaction that you could get in one episode. WRONG !!

Finally, after waiting for 6 complete seasons, Danaerys has left for Westeros… Hmmm that’s such a satisfying end, isn’t it?

Daenerys and her ships