What every Arrow fan ignored this season

This season of Arrow started with a very controversial scene. It’s in a cemetery and Oliver is standing in front of someone’s grave. Barry Allen aka The Flash is there to console him but Oliver looks distraught.


Throughout the season, people have been trying to guess who is in the grave. people started out with thinking that our very loved Felicity was in the grave and we came quite close to it at the mid-season finale. BUT, there was a twist. Felicity didn’t die, she just lost feeling to her legs ( which she recovered in the last episode). People are still trying to figure out who is in the grave.




I personally feel it’s Thea. BUT, that’s not the point that I’m here to discuss.


Throughout the season, the Big-Bad-Villain has been Damien Darhk. the person who had superpowers. He could control things, levitate things. He stopped Oliver’s arrows not once but an ample number of times to make Oliver realize that he couldn’t do it alone. Oliver asked for help from his old comic acquaintance, Vixen. In Season 4 Episode 15 : Taken. Arrow and Vixen find out the source of his powers and defeat him. He’s probably even going to jail.

Now comes the Big question.(The one thing that everyone has ignore in the big funeral scene)

In the same funeral scene,Oliver tells Barry :

I’m going to kill him.

Oliver sits in the car, where Felicity is already there. She says :

 You know what you have to do. You have to kill him.You have to kill him

Who does Felicity want dead. She has always been against Oliver killing someone. Why would she want him to kill someone. Unless that someone has done something really bad. (Maybe kill her could-have-been sister-in-law)

Now that Damien Darhk is out of the picture, what if the new leader of HIVE turns out to be Malcolm Merlyn. Just the way the fan theories suggest. Could it be that it’s him that Arrow and Felicity want dead? Is he the one who put someone in the grave? Could it be Thea in the grave? Malcolm always justified his actions as being good for Thea but if he did such a thing, there would be no justification for that. One thing that matters most to Oliver is family. If Malcolm kills Thea for some reason(Directly or Indirectly), could we see the end of Malcolm this season?

P.S : This is still just a fan theory with little to no proof. But, it is a good one and might be able to wrap up every story plot in it.